The name's Everett Anderson. No, you may not call me anything else. I've got a twin named Blaine who you'd regret messing with. You could probably call me the bad one but I just like to call myself realistic. I am most definitely not available and am in love with an amazing man.
''But things are not as they seem as we stand at the edge of the world.''

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uptownblainers whispered, "Packed and ready to go!"

Good. Let’s get out of here.

uptownblainers whispered, "Am I packing for warm weather or cold?"

Both. Probably mostly cold since we’re only driving so we can’t get that far from Ohio.

Anonymous whispered, "sex"

uptownblainers whispered, "I'm in"

Good. Get packed, we’ll leave tomorrow instead of school. Give us a good eight hour start.

uptownblainers whispered, "Yes, please. We could drive until we run out of gas, or almost out of gas, and then just do something in that town"

I love it. Want to leave tonight? We could probably get just out of Ohio before they even notice.

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uptownblainers whispered, "I guess you have a point. Anyway, can we just do something? I miss you"

I miss you too. Want to just get in the car and start driving again? Or we could go to the next town and go to a park or something or the movies.

uptownblainers whispered, "They're our parents; don't we have to love them?"

We have to tolerate them. There’s nothing about loving in there.

uptownblainers whispered, "Sometimes I really hate them"

Sometimes? I usually hate them.

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